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Making The Crocodile
Christopher van Der Craatts

I found the wood above the hand needs to extend back as far as the knuckle so the that the head will rest upon it with adequate support.

This means the head needs to be about 10 or 11cm.

There are three pieces: a flat piece for the lower jaw, the upper jaw which is thicker so that you can shape the nostrils and a piece glued on for the eyes and to cover the space for the fingers.

This is not all that heavy because a good deal of the wood is cut away. The area inside the mouth is cut out behind the teeth to a depth of about 10mm. For this I used a router. The teeth are defined by angled saw cuts across the ridge which remains. The top of the jaw is shaped so that the nostrils protrude and all the sides are well rounded. The piece for the eyes is shaped similarly. This means the wood is never really more than 6 or 8mm thick.

To make the crocodile swallow I have allowed for a hole in the lower jaw, with room to one side for the thumb. The stick or sausages would go through this hole and down the body which is tacked to the lower jaw, covering the thumb.

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