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ACT 1.- Scene 1.

Punch is heard behind the scene, squeaking the tune of Malbroug s'en vat en guerre' he then makes his appearance and dances about the stage, while he sings to the same air,

Mr. Punch is one jolly good fellow,
His dress is all scarlet and yellow,
And if now and then he gets mellow,
It's only among his good friends.
His money most freely he spends;
To laugh and grow fat he intends,
With the girls he's s rogue and a rover;
He lives, while he can, upon clover;
When he dies-its only all over;
And there Punch's comedy ends.

He continues to dance and sing, and then calls "Judy, my dear! Judy!''


Punch. Hollo, Toby! who call'd you? How you do, Mr. Toby? Hope you very well, Mr. Toby.

Toby. Bow, wow, wow!

Punch. How do my good friend, your master, Mr. Toby, How do Mr. Scaramouch?

Toby. Bow, wow, wow !

Punch. I'm glad to hear it.-Poor Toby ! What a nice good-temper'd dog it is! No wonder his master is so fond of him.

Toby. [Snarls.] Arr! Arr!

Punch. What! Toby! you cross this morning? You get out of bed the wrong way upwards!

Toby. [Snarls again.] Arr! Arr!

Punch. Poor Toby. [Putting his hand out cautiously, and trying to coax the dog, who snaps at it.] Toby, you're one nasty cross dog: get away with you! [Strikes at him.]

Toby. Bow, wow, wow! [Seizing Punch by the nose.]

Punch. Oh dear! Oh dear! My nose! my poor nose! my beautiful nose! Get away! get away, you nasty dog - I tell your master. Oh dear! dear! - Judy! Judy! [Punch shakes his nose, but cannot shake off the dog, who follows him as he retreats round the stage. He continues to call "Judy ! Judy, my dear!" until the dog quits its hold, and exit.]

Punch. [Solus, and rubbing his nose with both hands.] Oh my nose ! my pretty littel nose! Judy! Judy! You nasty, nasty, brute, I will tell you master of you. Mr. Scaramouch! [Calls.] My good friend, Mr. Scaramouch! Look what you nasty brute dog has done!


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