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Judy. Well, here I am! what do you want, now I'm come!

Punch. [Aside.] What a pretty creature! An't she one beauty!

Judy. What do you want, I say! Punch. A kiss! a pretty kiss! [Kisses her, while she hits him a slap on the face.]

Judy. Take that then: how do you like my kisses ? Will you have another ?

Punch. No; one at a time, once at a time, my sweet pretty wife. [Aside.] She always is so playful. - Where's the child! Fetch me the child, Judy, my dear.

[Exit Judy.

Punch. [Solus.] There's one wife for you! What a precious darling creature? She go to fetch our child.


Judy. Here's the child. Pretty dear! It knows its papa - Take the child.

Punch. [Holding out his hands.] Give it me-pretty littel thing ! How like its sweet mamma!

Judy. How awkward you are!

Punch. Give it me: I know how to nurse it so well as you do. [She gives it him.] Get away! [Exit Judy. Punch nursing the child in his arms.] What a pretty baby it is! was it sleepy then? Hush-a-by, by, by. Sings to the tune of " Rest thee, babe."]

Oh, rest thee, my baby,
Thy daddy is here:
Thy mammy's a gaby,
And that's very clear.
Oh rest thee, my darling,
Thy mother will come,
With voice like a starling;-
I wish she was dumb!


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