Traditional Punch & Judy

The following script for a Punch and Judy show has been adapted from a variety of sources in order to compile a script which should be practical in terms of performance and retains all of the classical elements of the show. You can navigate to each page sequencially or, by clicking the links below to go to a particular 'bit of business'.

Introduction - Wherein we begin the show with as much merriment as possible.
Punch & Judy - Where we meet Punch's wife Judy.
The baby - In which Punch deals with his parental duties in his own inimitable style.
Punch & Judy again - Wherein Punch solves his marital conflicts once and for all.
the Constable - Punch resolves some legal matters.
the Ghost - Punch gets a bit of a fright
Joey the Clown - Here we meet his good friend and have sausages for lunch.
the Crocodile - And Punch nearly becomes lunch.
the Doctor - Punch participates in the advancement of medical science
the Hangman - Why corporal punishment is no longer practised in the civilised world
the Devil - Punch indulges in satanic rights.

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