*Note that in the absence of a bottler the introduction can be simplified and performed by a puppet, such as Joey the clown or Judy or even one created for the purpose. Another alternative is for the puppeteer to make the introduction outside the booth and then go inside to look for Mr Punch.
If you do happen to work with a bottler there are many parts throughout the script where the bottler can intervene to some advantage.


Punch & Judy

Bottler*: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls welcome and I hope you will enjoy our performance of Punch and Judy. Firstly, let me introduce you to Mr Punch. Mr Punch! [Pause] I’m sorry but perhaps if you were all to call out at once he’ll hear us and come up to say hello. Ready ... Mr Punch!
[squeaking noises below]
Did you all hear that? What we’ll have to do is all call out and then be very quiet and listen. Ready?
Mr Punch! Now listen …

Punch: [Voice from below.] Rootitootitooit! What is it?

Bottler: Mr Punch, come up and say hello to all the people.

Punch: [Voice from below.] Just a minute I'm getting dressed

Bottler: You're still getting dressed? [The bottler picks up a small pair of polka dotted underpants from the play board and holds them up, looks at the audience and throws them into the booth.] I think you'll need these Mr Punch.

[Up pops Mr Punch dancing about clapping and waving.]

Punch: Rootitootitooit! How de do de? How de do de? If you all happy me all happy too. Rootitootitooit!
[He sits on the edge of the playboard and sings to the tune of “He’s a jolly good fellow”]

My name is Punchinello
All dressed in red and yellow
I’m such a jolly fellow

[He starts laughing, rocking backwards and forewards. Suddenly he falls backwards and disappears down below.

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