[On the other side of the booth rises, slowly, the Devil laughing menacingly. Punch cowers behind the curtain.

Devil: Mr Punch! Mr Punch! Where are you? [He jabs at the curtain and out jumps Punch.] Are you Mr Punch?

Punch: Who are you?

Devil: Who am I? Why Mr Punch we're old friends you and I. I ... am ... the ... devil. Ha ha ha ha! I have come up here because I have been told that you have been very very bad. Have you been very bad Mr Punch?

Punch: Me? Not me.

Devil: [To audience] Has Mr Punch been very very bad? [Punch shakes his head furiously] Right ( Or "Nevertheless" depending on the audience response. Sometimes they side with Punch.) Mr Punch you're coming with me. [He prods Punch with his fork and chases him around the booth.]

Punch: Ouch, ouch! You can’t do that, Mr Punch your good friend.
[The devil prods Punch extra hard and Punch disappears below. The Devil turns to the audience.]

Devil: [Laughing] That will teach him for being so naughty. Now is there anybody else while I’m here? [Motions to the audience. Meanwhile Punch comes up behind him holding his stick with which he hits the Devil. A fight ensues with each exchanging blows. Eventually the devil loses his fork and Punch hits him down onto the playboard. Punch tries to hit the Devil but he keeps moving backwards and forwards. Eventually Punch lands a blow and flicks him into the air. Punch dances about triumphantly.]


My name is Punchinello,
All dressed in red and yellow,
I’m such a clever fellow.

[Suddenly he stops] What’s that? Who's that? Is that the Devil?. Goodbye everybody! Bye bye! Bye bye! [Exits waving]

[Out comes Joey the clown, looking for Mr Punch]

Joey: Mr Punch? Mr Punch? Has Mr Punch gone? Oh dear. Well that must be the end of our show, cos there's no show without Punch.
I hope you have all enjoyed yerselves? If you’ve had fun then we’ve had fun too.
Goodbye everyone! Goodbye! [exits waving]

The End

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