[Punch comes back up slowly rubbing his head.]

Punch: Oh deary me, deary deary me! Judy! Judy! Come up stairs. [He looks around the edge of the stage.] Where's my wife Judy?

[Judy enters carrying a big wooden spoon. Mr Punch is facing the other way so Judy comes up behind him and wacks him on the head to get his attention.]

Judy: Mr Punch. What is it? What do you want? [Knocks Punch down] Why aren't you helping with the housework? [Punch motions to the audience. Judy looks around surprised.]
Oh hello everybody I'm Mr Punch's wife Judy. How do you do? Very nice to meet you. [Bows and waves.]

Punch: Judy how 'bout a kiss? Kissy! kissy! kissy! [Punch walks towards Judy waving his arms to embace her.]

Judy: [Pushing him backwards.] No Mr Punch you can't have a kiss.

[This is repeated a couple of times.]

Punch: Oh please!

Judy: Oh alright then. [She puts her spoon down.] But first I must blow my nose. [She picks up her apron and blows her nose very loudly and for a long time. They then kiss in an exaggerated manner, flapping their arms and spinning around in circles. Suddenly they part and Punch looks out to the audience. Judy grabs her spoon and hits Punch over the head.

Judy: That's enough Mr Punch, besides you've got a headache. Now Mr Punch I’m going downstairs to make supper and look after the ... [Baby cries] Oh listen to that. [Baby cries] Look Mr Punch now you’ve gone and woken the baby. [Hits Punch on the head and disappears below leaving Punch rubbing his head. ]

Punch: What a beauty! What a pretty wife!

[Judy quickly returns holding the baby. She tosses it to Punch.]

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