* If there is no bottler it may be best to have the baby fall back into the booth. I once saw a show where the baby was nothing more than a handkerchief with a large knot in one corner. This being more disposable would allow for it to be thrown out of the booth.


Judy: Here you are Mr Punch I want you to look after the baby. [She thrusts the baby into Punch's arms.]
Now Mr Punch, make sure the baby has a nap. [Exit Judy]

Punch: What a pretty baby! What a pretty baby! [Dances about with the baby and holds it out to show the audience. Judy pops back up.]

Judy: Mr Punch! Don't wake the baby!

Punch puts the baby down on the playboard and goes to other side of the stage.

Punch: Walky, walky, walky. [He looks at the baby but it doesn't move.]

Punch: Walky, walky, walky. [He walks towards the baby clapping his hands. When the baby doesn't respond he does it again this time walking along the play board with his hands as if to show the baby what to do.]

Punch: Walky, walky, walky.

[He walks back to the other side of the booth. Unexpectantly the baby quickly zips across the stage into Punch's arms.]

Punch: What a good baby! [ He takes the baby back across the stage.]

Punch: Walky, walky ... [The baby zips across again. Punch puts it back again.]

Punch: Not so fast. Walky, walk ... [Again the baby zips across. Punch puts it back and again it happens. When Punch puts it back again the baby follows him back to the otherside of the booth. This happens a few times. Punch starts to get flustered and then bangs the baby up and down a few times as if to make it stay put. The next time the baby zips across the stage and straight past Punch, who spins around looking for it. The baby disappears.]

Punch: Where's the baby? Where's the baby? [he runs about the stage looking for it. The baby keeps popping up behind him. Eventually Punch grabs the baby and it starts crying.] What? What a noisy baby! [He starts banging it on the stage.] Quiet baby! Naughty, noisy baby!

Judy [From below]: Mr Punch! Have you woken the baby?

[He picks up the baby and starts to wave it about. Baby cries even louder.] Stop it! Stop it!

[Punch tosses the baby into the air. It does a few somersaults and falls out of the booth where it is caught by the bottler.*]

Punch: That’s the way to do it! [To the bottler who has caught the baby.] Roottitoottitooit!

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