It is important that in this scene the hitting with the stick is played as slapstick and not be violent. This basically means using humour and movement (chasing, ducking and bouncing around the stage). In this play Judy is portrayed as being the same as Punch and not simply a victim of Punch's brutality.



[Judy comes up looking for the baby. She looks around the side, over the edge and even up in the air. Punch is looking very sheepish at the side of the booth.]

Judy: Mr Punch where is the baby? What's happened to the baby?

Punch: He was such a noisy baby.

Judy: Mr Punch! What have you done with the baby?

Punch: He went walky,walky, walky and fell out the window. [Punch uses his hands to mime the walky action along the stage.]

Judy: [repeating Punch's actions.] He went walky, walky, walky and you threw him out the window? Mr Punch you can't throw the baby out the window? I’m going to have to teach you a lesson. [She starts chasing Punch around the booth hitting him with her spoon.]

Punch: Stop it! Stop it! Me no like your lessons.
[Punch dodges and pops down. Judy hits the side of the stage instead and looks around for Mr Punch. ]

Judy: Mr Punch! Where have you gone? Come back here! I you haven't learnt your lesson yet.

[Punch then pops up on the other side of the stage with his stick. Punch and Judy exchange blows. He with his stick and she with her spoon.]

Punch: Now me teach you a lesson.

Judy: Mr Punch that's not the way to do it. Stop it! Stop it!

[He knocks her down onto the playboard. He then catches her with his stick and flicks her into the air and she falls back into the booth.]

Punch: Roottoottooit! That's the way to do it! [He dances about with his stick very pleased with himself and singing.]

My name is Punchinello
All dressed in red and yellow
I’m such a clever fellow


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