This sequence is about the constable trying to be as self important and as authoritive as he can but always having to be knocked down. each time he gets up, puffs himself up, Punch simply knocks him down again. Try to get a rhthym going.


[Punch hears a voice from below.]

Constable: Hello, hello, hello!

Punch: Uh oh bye bye everyone! [He quickly waves and pops down.]

Constable: Hello, hell ... [He notices that Punch has gone.]

Constable: Mr Punch! Where's Mr Punch!

[Suddenly Punch pops up and knocks down the Constable who falls on his face and bounces straight back up again.]

Constable: Mr Punch you can't do that! Come back 'ere.

[Punch pops up and hits him again.]

Punch: Yes I can.

Constable: No you can't Mr Punch, 'cause I am the beadle of the parish. [He puffs himself up and moves up close to Punch.]

Punch [Pushing against the constable.]: Oh so you're the beetle in the porridge?

Constable: No I am not the beetle in the porridge. I am a constable of the law. [He pushes Punch back again.This time Punch dodges him and the Constable falls forwards bumping into the side of the booth.

Punch: Oh so you're the one who sweeps the floor?

Constable: [Getting up] No no no I am not the one who sweeps the floor. I am a policeman and I have come to lock you up.

Punch: And I have come to knock you down [Knocks him down.
That’s the way to do it. Rootitootitooit!

At this point I offer two following sequences. Either you can go straight to Joey the clown or you can incorporate the ghost.

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