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The ghost puppet is a good one for the stretching neck trick. This is a puppet with its head attached to a length of dowell that is passed through a wooden ring to which the costume is attached. The bottom of the dowell is put on the playboard to push it upward so that the neck grows longer.


[Punch is waving his stick about and being very pleased with himself when behind him, very slowly there appears a ghost. Usually the audience begins to scream out at this point so the ghost pops down. Punch goes over to see what all the fuss is about. The ghost pops up behind him and creeps up with its arms extended. Punch starts to quiver with fear. He then spins round very quickly but the Ghost pops down just as quickly.

Punch: What was that? Did you see something then?

[The audience will shout out "Ghost!"

Punch: A ghost. No there's no such thing as ... [Pauses and looks around] ... ghosts.

[The Ghost comes up behind him and mimics every move that Punch does. Punch of course doesn't know what's going on or why the audience keeps shouting to warn him. The ghost then taps him on the shoulder. Punch jumps in fright. The ghost pops down. He goes over to the other side of the booth and looks around the curtain. Nothing. The audience may expect the ghost but nothing happens. Punch looks at the audience as if to say "What's going on here?". He then goes over to the other side and does the same thing. Again nothing. He starts to lighten up a bit and jigs across the stage.]

Punch: Rootitootoo...

[Suddenly up pops the ghost with a big "BOO!" It is here the head can spring up. Punch leaps up and falls backward. The ghost waves its arms over Punch, who then hit back at the ghost with his stick knocking down the ghosts head making it look very small. The ghost runs about and disappears.]

The next sequence is Joey the clown. The audience (and Punch) are expecting the ghost again.

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