This sequence involves the use of a special prop set of sausages.


[While he is looking to one side of the theatre a crocodile comes up behind him and steals one of the sausages.]

Punch: What? Someone stole a sausage! There are only three left! Who stole one of the sausages? Was that you?

[Again the crocodile comes up behind and snatches away another of sausages. Normally at this point the audience is shouting out trying to warn Punch about the crocodile. Mr Punch goes to other side of the booth.]

Punch: I’ve only got two left. Joey won’t be able to have one. Who’s been stealing the sausages? [Audience responds] A pussy cat? Pussy,pussy, pussy!
[The crocodile comes up in front of him and grabs hold of the sausages. This time they do not pull apart as before so Punch and the croc have a bit of a tug of war over the remaining two sausages. Punch losses his grip on the sausages and falls backwards. The crocodile wins and takes them away waving them triumphantly in its jaws.]

Punch: That pussy cat has stolen all the sausages! I’ll catch that pussy. [He picks up his stick]

[He looks out of the booth. Meanwhile the crocodile creeps up behind him. The audience scream out but when Punch spins around the crock ducks down only to reappear behind him. Punch creeps to the other side of the booth with the croc just behind him, its jaws slowly opening wider and wider. Again Punch spins around but again the croc disappears. Punch creeps forward stalking his prey. The crocodile reappears following him. This time they go around in a circle. Punch turns, the croc ducks and pops up behind him. Punch quickly turns again and finds himself staring into the jaws of the crocodile. He turns to the audience.]

Punch: This is not a pussy cat. It's a crocodile! [The croc snatches the stick in its jaws, and starts to swallow the stick while Punch tries to stop it.]

Punch: That crocodile’s stolen Punch’s stick. What'll I do?
[The crocodile then starts to chase Punch around the booth. The crocodile ducks down leaving Punch running around. The croc then pops up in front of him and bites him on the nose and pops down again.]

Punch: Oh my nose! My poor beautiful nose! That crocodile has eaten my nose! I’m dead and dying! Help me, help me! Call a doctor. Doctor! Doctor! [Punch falls down as if dying]

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