Being able to put two fingers through holes into Punch's legs enables you to make his legs kick. This is easily done when Punch is alone and sitting on the playboard. But in this scene requires you to slip your hand from Punch's head and arms and into his legs while he is lying on the playboard. This is fiddly and requires practice. The Doctor is played as a very pompous character who treats Punch with a great deal of disdain.


[Up pops the Doctor. Firstly he looks out one side of the booth and then the other and while walking across bumps into Punch lying on the playboard.]

Doctor: Did someone call for a doctor? Oh its only you Mr Punch. What seems to be the matter?

Punch: I’m dead. [Knocks the doctor with his head and lies down again.]

Doctor: [Rubbing his head] Dead? Well you seem your usual self to me. But I suppose I’d better examine you nevertheless. Now Mr Punch where does it hurt? [The doctor examines at punch’s head.]

Punch: Not there, lower down.

Doctor: Lower down? Tell me Punch is it your stomach. You got a pain down there?

Punch: No lower down.

Doctor:[Leaning over Punch’s legs.]Lower down? You got saw legs then Mr Punch?
[Punch kicks the doctor in the face ]

Punch: No higher up.

Doctor: [Holding his head.] Mr Punch this is worse than I thought I’m going to have to get some medicine for you. You just lie here while I go and fetch a stick of liquorice. [Doctors exits]

Punch: [Getting up] Me like medicine.
[The Doctor returns with a stick. Punch drops back down again.]

Doctor: Here you are Mr Punch. Now take this medicine three times a day. Once [Hits], twice [Hits], three times[Hits]. You feel better now?

Punch: [Rubbing his head] Me no like that medicine. Me have a head ache.

Doctor: You've got a head ache? Well then you’ll need another dose then. [Hits him again. This time Punch grabs the stick from the Doctor and hits him with it.

Punch: Here your own medicine. That’s the way to do it! [Knocks the doctor into the air spins him around on the end of the stick and throws him and the stick down below.]

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