Punchman's tips
Mr. Bimbamboozle

During the Summer months much of the Punchman's work is outdoors and consisting of several shows during the day. Many Prof's have discovered how important it is to be prepared for every contingency.

Tool Box: Pliers; staple gun; small and medium screwdrivers; junior hacksaw and hand-drill.

First Aid Kit:
Spare swazzle
Compass (when erecting the booth outdoors avoid the sun being in the children's eyes. Remember the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.)
Torch and separate, new, battery (batteries deteriorate and corrode if left in the torch)
Quick-set glue (such as UHU or Bostik all purpose solvent glue) which can be used on a variety of materials including fabric.
Quick-set Epoxy glue for very strong, very quick emergency repairs to booth.
Plastic clamping ties and short lengths of welding wire make strong emergency splints for a broken booth upright.
Gaffer tape.
A sealable plastic liquid carrier.
A selection of safety pins.
4 spare nylon guy ropes and wire tent pegs.

For Emergency signs - "Out to Lunch" or "Next Show at"
A4 hardboard sheet painted with blackboard paint.
A4 hardboard sheet covered with white Fablon

Four items for emergency repairs to canvas
Waxed linen thread (from shoe repairers'supplies)
Large sail makers needle
Blanket pins (ultra large safety pins - as used for making a sleeping bag out of blankets, or stopping a scots kilt from flapping)

Items for costume repair
Cotton thread - black and mid-grey
Packet of needles
Needle threader (for use in low light situations)

For touching up paintwork

Marker pens (must be light-fast, waterproof, pigment ink) in Flesh; Red; White & Black
Narrow PVC tape, in Red; Blue; Black; White

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