Where can I buy striped material to cover my Punch Booth?

Booth covering fabric can be purchased from suppliers of shop blinds and awnings. Canvas is needed for outside booths, not the heavy duty PVC material which, while being strong and waterproof, gets very, very hot inside.
Lighter fabric for indoor booths can often be purchased from large factory remnant outlets. Remember it needs to be lightproof, so you may need to line it. Lightproof curtain lining can be purchased at most suppliers of furnishing fabrics.
Currently (2002) broad red and white striped fabric can be got from a firm called Sharmas Fabrics. Their address is Victoria Market, Victoria Centre, Nottingham. Their telephone number 0115 9413542. Another number, supplied by Geoff Felix, is for Cosalt Ltd. as a supplier for booth covering canvas, their telephone number being 01502 516731.
February 2003, IKEA have some great curtains in a range called Rosalinda. Two packets of these cover a fairly large booth, although a smaller one might get away with only one set. The advantage too, to those of us who are sewing-machinically challenged is that of course a lot of the work is done for you if you use the original seams of the curtains as far as possible.
Feb 2004 Ron Wood (Prof Jolly) writes: I have found another supplier : Darren Morgan, Morgan Upholstery, 24 Walbrook Road, Derby, DE23 8RY Tel 01332 270900 or mob 07966 708922 e mail morgansofas@postmaster.co.uk Also very helpful, sent out samples etc. came up with Blue/White, Red/White, Green/White stripes in canvas. Good stuff.

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