Where can I get sound amplification equipment for Punch work?

Mikes, Speakers and Amps all available from
Complete integrated units are available from www.coombers.co.uk
Information on rechargeable batteries on this site, Prof Punch Tips.
Mr. Fizzo writes that he has had great success with the following:
952.419 - 12W RMS vehicle PA mixing amplifier
173.495 - dynamic microphone
952.234 - 10" round horn speaker 15W 8ohms
Currently (2003) this all comes to about 80 includin p&p and VAT and is just just a few clicks and a flexy friend away at www.henrys.co.uk.

You will, of course, need a battery. Detailed info in this area is availed in the "where to buy" section of the "Punch Prof tips"

Prof Twisty writes "I use a SPLX 2 Channel Amplifier 450 Watts 12v this gives great sound and very load if you want if need be.(From Motor World)
Also a Radio Shack wireless microphone system 12v from Tandy.
And two very good SPLX 6X9 car speakers.
The whole lot is mounted in a neat wooden box that I can put anywhere within 30 Meters of the booth.
You can power it from your car lighter or straight from a car battery.
ALSO check out the information in the Where to Buy section of Prof Punch Tips.

Cone style PA speakers are poor for music, but excellent for projecting speech over a distance and in noisy conditions. They are generally too tinny and strident for use indoors. They are the best choice for outdoor work if their purpose is to attract a crowd from a distance. For actually amplifying the sound for the people watching the show they are not the best choice.

Sound from all speakers travels in straight lines, in conical form, say about 30 degrees spread. If you imagine a giant ice cream cone projecting from the front of the speaker you will get an idea of where the sound is going. Usually, the way cone speakers are mounted atop Punch booths ensures that the sound is best heard at the back of the crowd and completely misses the seated kids at the front.

Choice of speakers, cone size, impedance, power rating etc all depend not only on what you are using them for but also with which amplifier, the performing conditions etc.

Probably a general rule should be that the loudspeakers should be as close to the proscenium opening as possible - so that the sound should appear to emanate from the puppets.

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