Can you suggest some books and videos/dvds for a Punch and Judy enthusiast?

Must have book list:
The History of the English Puppet Theatre by George Speaight
Punch and Judy by George Speaight
Punch and Judy, Origin and Evolution by Michael Byrom
Punch in the Italian Puppet Theatre by Michael Byrom
Punch, Polichinelle and Pulcinella by Michael Byrom
The Puppet Theatre in America by Paul McPharlin
Mr Punch by Philip John Stead
Reminiscences of a Showman by Vic Taylor
Conversations with Punch compiled by Geoff Felix

Punch and Judy by Peter Fraser
Successful Punch and Judy by Glyn Edwards
Hello Mr Punch by Edwin Hooper
How to do Punch and Judy by Sydney de Hempsey
Practical Punch and Judy by Sydney de Hempsey
The Expanded Frame File by John Alexander , available from
Specialised Punch and Judy Entertainment by Eric Sharp (when published came with a video) You might find get this from Adrian Harris,
Punch and Judy designed and engraved by George Cruikshank
The Wonderful Drama of Punch and Judy by Papernose Woodensconce Esq.

DVDs or Videos to look out for (Try Amazon, try Ebay):
How to Do Punch and Judy by Peter Stedman
Punch and Judy by Glyn Edwards
Travels with a Punch and Judy Show by Des Turner
Punch and Judy at Weymouth, 2004 by Guy Higgins
"Santa Claus Punch and Judy" featuring George Prentice. This is often offered on Ebay.
Also there are very many snippets of Punch Shows now to be found on
Second hand and hard to find Punch books can sometimes be found on, not all books are listed so email Adrian and ask!
A small selection of Punch publications are to be found on

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