Where can I get books on Punch and Judy

In Britain the public library system is a very good source, especially for out of print books. To buy books on Punch or on Puppets generally you can try Amazon.com who offer both new and second-hand books.
Or for New Puppet Books a specialist dedicated source which should be supported is:
Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre Centre,
8-10 Balcarres Avenue,
Glasgow G12 0QF
Tel: 0141 339 6185 Fax: 0141 357 4484
Email: sm010@post.almac.co.uk
A small selection of Punch books are available from www.arcadypress.co.uk
Sometimes you can find hard to locate Punch books on www.secondhandmagic.com and even if not listed it is always worth emailing the owner, |Adrian Harris. He has such a vast collection he cannot list everything.

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