What are the names of the Punch and Judy characters?

They vary with different showmen, and at different periods of the history. First there is Punchinello, or Punch. Originally his wife was called Joan which later changed to Judy. There is often a dog called Toby, and nearly always a clown called Joey (named after the famous Victorian clown Joseph Grimaldi). The baby is frequently called Marmaduke. If the hanging scene is used then the hangman is often know as Jack Ketch, named after an actual public hangman. The devil is Old Nick. The old shows used to have a black man called Jim Crow. The Doctor and Policeman rarely have names, nor did the Beadle or the clergyman. The dog originally didn't belong to Punch and the owner was called Mr. Scaramouche. Punch used to knock his head off his shoulders. Scaramouche is also the general term for a class of trick puppets involving extending necks, sometimes with multiple heads. In one of the classic shows such a character is called The Courtier.

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