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The baby

Judy brings Punch the baby and leaves it with him.
Punch plays with the baby and makes it cry.
Punch gets flustered trying to stop it crying - while at the same time making it cry.
Eventually he throws or drops it down below.

The essence of this sequence would have to be Punch starting off being affectionate and getting more and more flustered until the baby is flung from the booth. Edwin Hooper and Glyn Edwards both add to this by actually using the baby as a puppet. Their routine is very effective and is not that difficult to perform successfully.

If you want to down play the "violence" you can have the baby simply run away or be accidently dropped. If you throw the baby then it is best done by throwing it into the air so that it spins around before dropping below. If you work with a partner then you can throw it out of the booth to him or her. The more exaggerated the action the more humorous it will be - and thus less violent.



Edwin : Judy brings up the baby and gives it to Punch who throws it back to her, "I don't want it." Judy "admonishes" Punch and returns it to him. Punch throws it back again. Judy calls Punch "a wicked boy" and Punch takes the baby but holds it upside down. This allows Judy to make the joke "If you hold the baby that way its brains will rush to its feet." Judy goes off to do some shopping and asks the children to shout out if he ill-treats the baby. As soon as she's gone Punch hits the baby on the playboard. Judy pops back up and boxes Punch's ears. Again she threatens Punch if he mistreats the baby and suggests that he may let the baby "walky-walky" or sing to it.

Edwin extends the baby business by performing the baby as a small stick puppet. He has it falling over and Punch running across to save it a few times. He then makes the baby walk to Punch by wobbling it along the stage. This has all sorts of variations. Finally the baby starts to cry and Punch gets flustered and loses his temper, banging the baby on the stage and throws it downstairs.

Edwards : Punch and Judy pass the baby back and forth saying "You hold him" to each other. Eventually Judy puts it on the playboard and says "Alright. Let's not argue Mr. Punch. I'll put the baby down over here. Now you look after him whilst I go shopping. And while I'm gone I want you to teach the baby to walk." What follows is based on Edwin's walking baby routine. Edwards has the child walking faster and faster each time Punch says "Walky,walky, walky." The baby ends up whizzing around the stage and running away.

Tickner : After Punch hits Judy with the baby it starts to cry. "Stop it. I won't have it. Oh dear, oh dear" He hits the baby on the side of the proscenium and throws it out the window.

Mayhew : Punch sits down and sings Hush-a -by baby and makes it cry. He shakes it and rolls it back and forth on the stage trying to put it to sleep. Eventually he takes it up and says "What a cross child! I can't a-bear cross children." He shakes hit, knocks its head on the side of the proscenium and then throws it away.

De Hempsey: Punch does the rolley polley, rolley polley on the stage trying to get the baby to stop crying and then throws it out among the audience singing "Hip,pip poy!" a few times.