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The Devil or Ghost

Punch is dancing about very pleased with himself when behind him a ghost appears. After a bit of business with the ghost appearing here and there he eventually scares Punch who runs away.

This last sequence can be done with the Devil who appears with a fork and chases Punch around the booth poking him. Eventually Punch and the Devil fight and Punch prevails. Punch exits triumphant.

This sequence is primarily about Punch overcoming fear and in the case of the devil fear and final retribution. Although I should think in these times the fear aspect of the devil is the more relevant.





Edwards: Voice below: "Ah hah!" Punch wonders who it is. "I'm coming up there for you Mr. Punch." Says the voice below. Punch begins to shake with fear. Then up pops the devil with a flourish. "Ah hah! Now Mr. Punch do you know who I am?" Punch replies "Father Christmas (or whoever)." "No I am NOT father Christmas. I'm the Devil!!! And YOU have been a bad boy. Hasn't he everybody?" Punch replies in a sing-song fashion "Oh no I haven't" The devil then replies in a similar fashion "Oh yes you ha-ave." And threatens to take Punch away and make him suffer. "Make my supper?" asks Punch. The Devil then says "You think you're funny don't you? Well I'll have the last laugh. Ha!"

Punch laughs back at him "Ha! Ha!" The Devil laughs back again "Ha! Ha! Ha!" This time Punch laughs giving the devil a hit with his stick each time. "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" The Devil then gets his fork and they have a battle. This time the Devil knocks away Punch's stick. He then chases Punch around prodding him with his fork. Punch then grabs the fork and they struggle for it. Punch takes it. The Devil then says "That's my fork. Let me have it." Punch: "No I won't" Devil: "You heard me. I said let me have it!" And so Punch gives it to him and knocks him downstairs: "That's the way to do it!"

Edwin: While Punch is dancing about, a shrill moaning noise is heard from below. Punch begins to shake as the ghost rises up and follows him around. Punch tries to hit the ghost but his stick falls below. The ghost's head then begins to rise up. Punch struggles with the ghost. Suddenly the ghost's body moves away leaving Punch holding its head. The body moves back to its head and they continue to struggle going lower and lower until they are both out of sight.