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The Doctor

Punch is lying injured on the stage
Doctor comes up and examines him
Doctor fetches a stick and hits Punch
Punch grabs stick and knocks down doctor

When Punch gets hurt he starts to moan and groan and calls for a doctor. The doctor examines Punch and realising he is just pretending offers to give some of his own medicine - a stick of physic/liquorice. Punch grabs this stick and gives the Doctor a taste of his own medicine.

The kicking part of this scene can be left out. With a bit of practice it is a good part of the routine. The trick is to take your finger out of Punch's head while the Doctor holds on as if examining it. Then when the doctor examines Punch's stomach you can kick his legs as if by reflex. When the Doctor is kicked in the eye he can bend over next to Punch's head and support it so that it can be slipped back on the finger. You may need to shake Punch about a bit as you put your fingers in the arms but this can look like part of the performance.



De Hempsey: The doctor comes up after Punch has been frightened by the Ghost and is crying out that he is "Doctor, Doctor I am dying! I am dead, dead,dead!" You first hear the Doctor from below calling "Who is that calling for a doctor?" When he comes up he asks Punch   how long he's been dead. "About a quarter of an hour." Replies Punch   looking up from the playboard on which he lies. The Doctor remarks that it is the first time he's heard a dead man speak. "Where do you feel the pain, Mr. Punch?" and he touches Punch's leg, "Here?" "No higher up." Replies Punch. The Doctor then pokes his chest "Here?" Punch "No lower down." The Doctor then says "Here." again but the script as published doesn't mention where he's pointing - funny about that. Punch then says "No, lower down higher up" and the Doctor goes off to get some physic. (The favoured term for medicine because it is similarity to the word stick.) At this point he brings up the Beadle pretending to be the doctor. He asks Punch what he wants, to which Punch replies "I want a drop of physic" The Beadle says he will go and get a very good drop and brings back the gallows.

Edwards: This starts with the joke about how long have you been dead (a half hour). The doctor appeals to the audience who are convinced Punch is faking it, so the Doctor offers to get Punch some medicine - some of his own medicine. He fetches a stick and hits Punch. Punch grabs the stick and a see-saw tussle commences. "You must take your medicine Mr.Punch." says the doctor. Punch asks why and the doctor replies that it's good for you. "Well you take it then." Says Punch. "Me take it?" (At this point I would suggest the Doctor would let go of the stick and gesture.) Doctors never take their own medicine Mr Punch. Punch then gives the Doctor some of his own medicine. "That's the way to do it!"  

In practice Edwards has the Doctor examine Punch's head "It is all in the mind" he says in a Viennese accent.

Tickner: The Doctor enters and seeing Punch lying on the stage asks him if he is dead. He examines Punch's head asking "Are you dead there?" (While the doctor holds Punch's head the puppeteer removes his hand.)   He then examines his chest and then his foot. Each time Punch is asked if he is dead there Punch replies no. "Then where are you dead?" asks the Doctor. Punch then kicks the Doctor in the eye "Why there! That's the way to give 'em." Punch gets up and dances about and the Doctor goes downstairs. The Doctor comes back with a stick which he calls a nice stick of liquorice. Punch says "I don't like liquorice" "But you haven't tried it yet" says the Doctor and starts hitting Punch. They struggle for the stick and Punch offers the Doctor some liquorice. "I don't want any" says the Doctor. "Yes you do" says Punch. "No I don't" "Yes you do. Liquorice! Liquorice! Liquorice!" and so Punch knocks him down.

Mayhew: The Doctor comes up and sees Punch lying on the playboard. "Dear me this is my partickler friend Mr. Punch; poor man! How pale he looks! I'll feel his pulse. I,2,14,9,11. Hi! Punch are you dead?" Punch answers yes and hits the Doctor. The Doctor syas rubbing his nose "I never heard of a dead man speak before. Punch, you are not dead!" Punch: "Yes I am" Doctor "How long have you been dead for?" Punch: "About six weeks". He then goes and gets a little reviving medicine, a stickliquorice.