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The ending

Punch & Judy shows have a habit of just ending without any resolution of a story - which doesn't exist anyway. This may be due to its busking roots. If the show stops and leaves people waiting for more there is then a confused moment in which the bottler can get some more money before the crowd starts to disperse. Some performers come out of their booths holding up Punch and thus work the crowd.

Another way to end the show is to have Joey come up looking for Punch. Finding that Punch has left he says to the audience "There's no show without Punch, so that must be the end of the show. Good-bye everybody! Bye-bye!" Punch can come back up and wave to the audience too.


Mayhew: After Punch kills Satan he shouts: "Bravo! Hooray! Satan is dead. We can now all do as we like! Good-bye ladies and gentlemen" There follows some rather overblown farewells from the performer or bottler that finishes with: "I hope you'll come out handsome with your gold and silver" This would be useful if you play the bottler as a character and part of the performance.

De Hempsey: After Punch and Joey have overturned the coffin Punch simply says "Good-bye little boys and girls good-bye!" A simple though abrupt ending.

Smith: After the ghost and a rather lame joke about imagination Joey and Punch throw the coffin in the air and chase each other about the stage. Joey then wishes the audience good-bye.

Tickner: His ending is similar to the above.

Hooper: In his ordinary voice Edwin tells his audience that it doesn't pay to be naughty after all and that Punch has promised to be a good boy from now on. Punch comes up, dances around and says good-bye.

Edwards: Ends with Joey but writes that the routine works just as well with Judy. I guess given that the show is called "Punch and Judy" this may well be appropriate. In this show Joey says it's time to go and they will be back another day. He instructs the audience to shout back "Bye bye Mr Punch and clap when Punch says bye bye. After Punch says this they dance together.