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Punch & Judy

Judy finds the baby missing.
Punch tells her what's happened.
Judy teaches Punch a lesson.
Punch teaches Judy a lesson.

Finding the baby missing is a combination of haing Judy searching for the baby and having the audience shouting out what had happened to it. Once again Judy hitting Punch should be done in such an exaggerated way that makes it more humorous than violent. The tussle for the stick usually consists of a each puppet holding an end of teh stick and see sawing with it. You can then have the stick passing one from the other rhythmically.
The "I said give it to me." gag works well for the final blow. To exaggerate the blow it is good puppetry to flick the puppet into the air so that it spins before going down below. This is a skill worth practicing.

Rather than have Punch dancing about celebrating his defeat of Judy it pays to have something happen very quickly, such as the policeman saying "Hello,hello,hello." from below. This gives you time to put on the Constable puppet.


De Hempsey: Judy comes up and asks where the baby is. Punch claims not to know, Judy says "Yes you do. I left you to mind my baby, didn't I little boys and girls?"
She chases Punch around the booth and exits to fetch a big stick to give Punch " ... a good hiding!" She comes back and hits Punch on the head. "Oh my poor head! Oh my poor head!" exclaims Punch who then struggles with Judy for the stick. He knocks down Judy singing "Everybody's doing it, doing it, doing it!" (Ye gad! Try that these days if you dare.) Judy gets up and says she'll go down and fetch a policeman. Punch says "Go down! Go down and get your policeman and I will give it to him as well!" He then knocks Judy down below.

Edwards: Judy comes up saying "Did I hear my baby crying Mr. Punch?" Punch denies this and Judy asks the audience if it was crying. She then says she'll now teach Punch a lesson. "You wait there while I fetch my stick" She comes back and starts hitting Punch around the stage until Punch grabs the other end and there is a bit of a tussle for the stick.  Judy says "Stop it, Mr. Punch. Let go." Punch says no and Judy then says "Let go and give it to me"
Punch: "What was that?" Judy: "You heard. Give ME the stick!"
And so Punch says "Alright" and knocks her down below. "That's the way to do it! Bye-bye, Judy."

Edwin: Having primed the children to call out, Judy comes up asking what the matter is. She turns to Punch and asks where the baby is. "It fell out the window." Replies Punch. She starts sobbing and says she'll go and get a BIG STICK. Punch says he doesn't want a big stick. "Oh yes you do!" says Judy. While Judy is down getting it Punch calls out "Oh no I don't!" As soon as she reappears she starts hitting Punch across the head shouting "Take that! Take that!. They then struggle for the stick with Punch taking it from her and knocking her downstairs.

Tickner: Judy comes up and asks "Where's my baby?" Punch says he doesn't know and they both start looking for it. Judy asks again and Punch replies "He's still not here. He's not here! He's not here!" Finally Judy insists "Where is he? What have you done with him?"   Punch then says he threw it out the window. Judy then takes a stick to Punch and chases him around the stage. "You villain!" She then fixes him against the side and hits him on the head. "Take that - and that - and that!"
Punch then asks for the stick and they fight for it each saying to the other "Give it to me" Eventually Punch gets the stick and starts hitting Judy saying "Take that- and that - and that. That's the way to do it to 'em!" He knocks down Judy to the stage. Punch is surprised to find that she is lifeless saying "Judy my girl I won't hurt you." When she doesn't get up he says "Well   "Take that- and that - and that. That's the way to do it to 'em!" and knocks her downstairs. This is a bit like Piccini, who has Punch ask: "You got a headache Judy?"

Mayhew: Judy comes up asking where the baby is. Punch tells her he "throwed it out the winder". She goes into asterisks and fetches a cudgel with which she beats Punch. Punch says "Don't be cross Judy I didn't go to do it." Judy keeps it up saying "I'll pay yer for throwing the child out the winder." Punch snatches the stick and starts beating her in return. Judy threatens to go and get the constable and have Punch locked up. Punch says "Go to the devil. I don't care where you go. Get out of the way!" He chases Judy away and starts singing "Cherry ripe" and singing roo- too-to-rooey until the constable appears.