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In which Judy comes up, introduces herself and they dance and kiss. Judy ends up asking Punch to mind the baby. She brings up the baby and gives it to Punch.

In these scripts Judy can be either bossy and ill-tempered or nice. These days it may be a good idea to have the two puppets hit each other so that it doesn't seem that Judy is some sort of innocent victim.

The nose blowing, particualrly when loud and goes on for an inordinate length of time, seems to work well with the typical Punch & Judy audience.

The essential aspects of this sequence are:

Judy is reluctant to come up
Punch and Judy dance and kiss
Judy gets Punch to mind the baby


Mayhew : Judy comes up and Punch pats her gently on the face saying what a sweet creatur she is. Judy slaps Punch. They both kiss and dance. Punch stops and, hitting her on the nose tells her to go and get the baby. Judy tells Punch to take care of the baby while she goes and cooks the dumplings.

Tickner : Judy comes up asking "What do you want?" Punch says "I want a little dance". They dance until Judy has had enough and hits Punch. "So you want to dance. I'll find something better to do than wasting your time up here. I'll get you the baby to nurse."

Edwin : Judy is in the middle of making the beefsteak pudding when Punch calls but Punch insists and up she comes. She says hello to the boys and girls. After the children reply she says "I'm afraid I couldn't hear. You see, I'm rather deaf." This encourages the children to shout louder. Edwin has Judy as a rather nice person who even calls Punch " ... my Handsome Husband". Punch asks for a kiss. "Give you a kiss indeed, in front of these NICE (Edwin's emphasis) boys and girls. Shall I give him a kiss boys and girls?" she eventually gives Punch a kiss on the proviso that he look after the baby. When Punch asks for another she says " You men are all the same. You're worse than the milkman! ( Did Edwin Hooper inspire Benny Hill?)   "Oh alright, just one more, but just wait a moment; let me blow my nose first." She blows her nose loudly on her apron. Judy then holds Punch to his promise to look after the baby in exchange for a kiss. Edwin brings in the audience to confirm this.

De Hempsey : Punch asks Judy for a kiss, just a little kiss. "Kissie, kissie, kisssie." Then they have a little dance and Punch starts singing. Then he commands Judy to go and get the baby. "Go on, go on: go and get the baby."

Edwards: Has Judy asking from below "What do you want?". Punch replies: "Come up and find out."
She comes up to be told that he wants a kiss. But Judy can't do it in front of all the people, "They'll all laugh at me." Before Judy can do it she must blow her nose. Judy has a big problem with public displays of affection. But once again Punch doesn't meet the standard of the milkman. When it comes to looking after the baby Judy insists it's Punch's turn - a very modern addition to the story.