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The Hangman

Ketch comes up to hang Punch
Punch tricks Ketch into hanging himself
Joey and Punch put Ketch in coffin

Punch is dancing about very pleased with himself when behind him a ghost appears. After a bit of business with the ghost appearing here and there he eventually scares Punch who runs away.

This last sequence can be done with the Devil who appears with a fork and chases Punch around the booth poking him. Eventually Punch and the Devil fight and Punch prevails. Punch exits triumphant.

Glyn Edwards tells how it was the tradition to end the show here and have "The End" painted on the bottom of the coffin.




Mayhew: Jack Ketch comes up holding the gallows, which he sets up on the playboard. He tells Punch he is to be executed by the "British and Foreign laws of this and other countries" and to be hung by the neck until he is dead, dead, dead. To which Punch replies "What, am to die three times?" Ketch: "No only once." Punch: "Why you said dead, dead, dead." Ketch: "Yes and when you are dead, dead, dead you will be quite dead." Ketch brings Punch from up to the gallows and introduces him to the corfin, the gibbet and the pall. Punch: "There's the coffee shop, there's the giblets and there's St. Pauls." Ketch then tells him to put his head through the noose. Punch keeps missing the loop with Ketch having to correct him. Then Punch falls down as if dead. Ketch: "Get up you're not dead." Punch: "Oh yes I am." Then Punch asks very politely for Ketch to show him the way to put his head in the noose. "Very well" says Ketch and he puts his head in the noose while giving Punch detailed instructions. He finishes by telling Punch to say "Good-bye and fare you well." Punch repeats these words, pulls the rope and hangs the hangman.
Punch then calls for his good friend Joey to come up. Joey comes up and bumps into the gallows. "Dear me I've run against a milk-post! Why dear Punch you've hung a man! Do take him down! How came you to do it?" Punch: "He got wet through and I hung him out to dry." Joey says Punch he has dried quite dead, to which Punch replies that he won't catch a cold with the wet. They take him down and remove the gallows. They put Ketch in the coffin but his head won't fit so Punch suggests they double him up.

Tickner: Ketch comes up while Punch is calling for a doctor. Ketch: "I'm the sort of doctor you want, my lad." Punch: "Here I didn't send for you" Ketch "No but I'm sent for you." When Punch asks what for Ketch says he'll give him what for and tells him to put his head in the noose. Punch then asks Ketch to show him how first. Ketch shows Punch how easy it is and then says "All you have to do is stand still and all I have to do is pull the rope." Punch "You do what?" Ketch: "I said pull the rope." Punch: "Oh all right." And so he does. He calls Joey who suggests they put him in a box and take him to hospital. Ketch's legs hang over the end of the box so they move him up until his head hangs over. Punch: "Your box is too small" Joey "No it isn't. Your hangman is too big. I know, let's fold him up." They pick up the box and the body falls out without either noticing. Punch: "It's not so heavy now." They put the box down and finding it empty blame each other for losing him. They end up chasing each other around the stage. And so Tickner ends his show.

Edwards: Glyn Edwards describes the classic hanging scene. When Ketch tells Punch to put his head in the loop Punch says "in the soup?" Punch keeps missing the loop and when ketch asks why he can't get it right he says "I've never been hung before." Ketch shows him how it's done and Punch pulls the rope saying "That's the way to do it".

De Hempsey: Sid ends his show with the hanging scene as well. He uses the Beadle to do the job. Once more Punch is expecting the doctor to bring him a drop of physic and the Beadle comes instead with "the last drop!". He tells Punch he is going to suffer. "I don't want my supper." Punch replies. Then comes the loop-soup pun and the Beadle shows Punch how to do it and Punch pulls the rope. Joey comes up and the coffin business is pretty much the same as above.

Professor Smith: (Charles?) Smith has a character called Marwood who sort of metamorphoses out of the Doctor (saves having more puppets). When he tells Punch to "Come up here and suffer the penalty of the law." Punch replies "I don't want to go to bed and snore." And "Come up and suffer." Punch: "A don't want any supper." When finally Marwood gets Punch up Punch declares he thought the gallows to be a swing and pointing to the coffin he he thinks it a coffee pot and the pall he mistakes for St. Pauls. In this scene there are many puns. Marwood will show Punch how to do it on one condition- Punch: "Going Fishing?" Marwood: "Now repeat this after me" Punch: "Eat what after you?" Marwood: "Ladies and Gentlemen" becomes "Ladies and twenty men" and "I have been a very bad and wicked man." Becomes " I want a slice of bread and jam." And so on ... and on. Eventually Punch hangs Marwood and calls Joey. Joey sees Marwood hanging and asks "Why have you got that poor fellow up here for?" Punch says he fell in the water and has been hung up to dry. Then Joey says "Let's measure him." "That's one foot, that's two foot, and that's three foot." Punch says "That's wrong; let me measure him. That's one foot, that's two foot, and that's six foot." What this is about I am not sure. Puppets look good measuring with their hands or it could be that they are lifting Marwood's feet and counting them. Joey gets Punch to lift Marwood up while he slides the coffin under him and they put him in. What follows is a bit of verbal banter and then Joey attempts to carry the coffin but finds it too heavy and goes off to fetch someone to help. Then up comes the ghost of Judy. Joey comes back up and eventually they both lift the coffin dance a jig and throw it in the air.