The British Punch & Judy is essentially a Puppet show - and the whole form and slapstick humour of the show has developed from the fact that it is performed by puppets. This would seem to us to make it the least suitable theme to be used for a performance by live actors. Even so we repeatedly get asked to recommend a script. If you are determined to try present Punch in this way you might like to consider the following script which does at least try to preserve both Punch's character and the traditional episodes of the story. It also has some quite amusing new dialogue. It tends to be wordy and could be usefully edited.

Punch and Judy
A Play with Music
Aurand Harris

Published by The Anchorage Press Inc., Post Office Box 8067, New Orleans, Louisiana 70182. Telephone (504) 238-8868

In Britain the script may be obtained from Kenyon Deane, 10, Station Road Industrial Estate, Colwall, Malvern, Worcs WR13 6RN. Telephone 01684 540154