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Postby johnstoate » 25 Sep 2009, 23:23

Having just trawled the 'new members' bit of the site, I am aware of how many are 'posting virgins' This says but two things to me; First; That we may have a few of the 'Load my adverts for tcp' fraternity who realised that it was pointless, (Thanks, Chris) And secondly that the welcome may be just a tad short of genial. -Looking back over the recent new 'bods' who have deigned to post it would appear that they all have a personal motive in trying to produce 'Something for college' rather than a general interest in Punch and his environs. So, I throw down the gauntlet,You new people out there, - Stick in your twopennorth, - Punch was never backward at coming forward. So Post, and shame the devil, (No names, No packdrill! ) Words on a screen never really offend, Fight back, and let's have some fun!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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