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Now that I am famous

Postby Chris » 30 Jan 2010, 19:40

I am thinking of putting up my fees now that I am famous.

I was packing, preparing for a birthday party show, when the phone went. It was Presto Puppets up in Buxton asking me if I knew that someone was looking for me on the BBC Radio 4. I didn't. During the next two hours the phone never stopped with friends and past clients all ringing to tell me that I had been mentioned by Fi Glover of Radio 4's "Saturday Live". Apparently the programme had a caller reminiscing about their childhood memories of Eric Bramall and Chris Somerville and the Harlequin Puppet Theatre. They thought it would be wonderful if the programme could discover whether Mr Bimbamboozle and the Harlequin Puppet Theatre were still in operation. Fi Glover stated that they didn't normally do individual requests, but as this sounded fascinating they would try and find out some answers for next week's edition of the programme. I can't wait to find out!

Actually although I didn't hear the programme at the time I discovered that I could replay it on the BBC Iplayer by going to the programme's website on

Any mention on a nation-wide radio station has got to be good publicity, so I fully expect I'll make my fortune in the next few weeks.

Autographed visiting cards will be available for a small fee, and a self-addressed and stamped envelope.
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