The Answer to the question I forgot.

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The Answer to the question I forgot.

Postby Chris » 07 Feb 2010, 21:34

</center>A month ago I posed the question "What connection does this picture share with Punch and Judy?

The answer which I forgot to give was that the marionette lion was carved by Wal Kent, famous for his Punch figures. The only person close to the correct answer was Andrew Clarkson who thought that it might be a Tickner puppet, a not unreasonable suggestion.

I bought the lion from Edwin Hooper, the founder of Supreme Magic, who also had a set of Kent Punch figures on sale at the same time. I couldn't afford those, so I bought the lion. I think I paid £1-17-6 for it (about £1.88), a lot of money in 1960.
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