A Visit to the Little Angel

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A Visit to the Little Angel

Postby Chris » 18 Apr 2010, 18:40

I have just returned home from performing at the Little Angel Puppet Theatre in Islington. I wasn't doing Punch but helping Puppet Guild Archivist Michael Dixon with his presentation of the Lanchester Marionettes which the Guild have acquired with a Heritage Lottery Grant. In addition to an audio-video presentation by Michael we performed an Underwater Ballet and a Puppet Circus. These were not attempts to recreate Lanchester productions but concoctions of my own to display the puppets in action. After the show the audience were invited to examine the puppets.

The show was a complete sell-out and the Little Angel Box office said that from the number of refusals they could have filled the theatre for a second showing. There were a large number of puppeteers there and I spotted three from the Punch community.

At one stage we were talking about the importance of the Lanchesters in the revival of puppetry after the late Victorian decline. One of the puppeteers remarked that it was a pity that nobody ever performed Punch and Judy anymore and that he was sad that it had died out! Killed off by political correctness he supposed. I took great delight in telling him he was talking utter piffle and that there were probably as many Punch profs performing now as there ever was, and that p.c. problems were largely the invention of the press conspiring with publicity seeking profs who don't realise how much harm they cause.

There is something wrong with our PR if even fellow puppeteers think we are extinct.
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