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Letting off steam

Postby Chris » 07 May 2010, 10:45

Some of you may have noticed that after being completely removed, quarantined, checked and disinfected the whole of PunchandJudy.com is almost entirely restored and working. This has meant very many hours of work during the past weeks, and during this time it is amazing the number of people who have suddenly found they desperately needed some information which was no longer available. I have had a large number of emails bemoaning the fact that they could not find this that or the other. In each case I have taken the trouble to either send them the information by email, or else have cleaned up and restored the relevant bit of the website and sent them a temporary link to access the bit they needed.

I have just counted up and over the past three weeks I have had 27 such requests. All of them apparently needing the information desperately and couldn't wait until the website was functional again. In every case I made sure they got what they required. In every case they thanked me profusely! Like hell they did! Out of the twenty-seven I had one single email of thanks!

Now I don't do this for the thanks but rather for the vast amount of money it makes for me, but even so a little bit of gratitude shown is always a welcome bonus. Of course I realise I am becoming an old fuddy-duddy and must come to terms with the fact that in today's world of fast communication people just can't afford the time to waste on unnecessary niceties. More's the pity!


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