Scrambled Eggs anyone?

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Scrambled Eggs anyone?

Postby johnstoate » 28 May 2010, 13:16

Hello all you quizzers out there. A couple of years back there was an approach by the 'Eggheads' BBC production team via Puppeteers uk to enter a team of Puppeteers. This didn't happen due to a difficulty in getting the prospective members together for rehearsals. They have now asked again, and it has fallen to yours truly to try and organise things. However, they are taking about doing auditions in the last week in June, so time is of the essence!!! If we could get enough interested parties I suspect that it may be an option to have two teams, North & South. If nothing else it could generate some usefull publicity for us all :D SO - If anyone is interested, Please get in touch asap. I'm showing till Tuesday, but they're on holiday till then anyway :roll: So it shouldn't be a problem.
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