It's daft to even try

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It's daft to even try

Postby Chris » 20 Jun 2010, 23:38

One thing I dislike is the children's entertainer who tries to impress by smart chat intended to be above the heads of the children and so amuse the adults watching. As a general rule a kids' entertainer should be concentrating on entertaining children not saying "I'm above all this really" to the grown ups.
However we are all tempted at times - but we should know better. Kids are usually much smarter than we realise.

Today I had a little five year old enthusiast at each of my shows. At show number one he was a great asset in that he joined in magnificently, haranguing and back-chatting the puppets. By show number three he was equally enthusiastic but by now too much so. He knew what was coming next and was eager to help the show along, indeed to speed things up, by revealing each sequence in advance. He warned Judy and advised her not to trust the baby to Mr Punch, and he successfully spoiled the surprise of the ghost and the crocodile. Only a police reprimand stopped him ruining the investigation by answering questions before they were asked.

At the end of the show I came out to deliver my valedictory but instead this little charmer commenced to tell me, pretty accurately, everything that at happened in the show. I thought to silence him. "You don't need to tell me - I've seen the show before" and I smirked at the knowing amusement of the adults.
Quick as a flash this five year old retorted "But how could you see it properly from behind? We saw it from the front!"

I should know by now that you can't argue with a five year old's logic - it's just daft to even try.
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