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Anything relevant humble offering - Game of Punch

Postby LittleBadger » 22 Feb 2012, 03:18

Just joined this board, and just wanted to say a quick hello. Born in Malta, living in Canada, my interested in Punch & Judy began in 1983 with the Marillion song of the same name. I don't have anywhere near an extensive collection (hardly one at all) but I am in the process of building one. One rare(I think) item I have that I have not seen a post on in my search is a 1890s Game entitled "Game of Punch" by Mcloughlin Bros. They released a game of SNAP which seems more common, however this is a trick taking game. Here are some pics if you like. Aside from that, looking forward to your banter, and seeing some of your latest finds...Cheers



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