CvdC YouTube postings.

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CvdC YouTube postings.

Postby Richard Coombs » 11 Jun 2012, 18:11

Chris Van Der Craats has put up some lovely bits of film from the Mayfayre.

One of them is of me (So Im being somewhat self publicising here LOL) ..But there is also one of the Punchinello Show form Italy , and also a nice long chunk of The Maggs Royal Punch show.

I will put the Links here --as I managed to bury the link CvdC put in his 'Visiting England " Thread by replying to it before a lot of folk had time to realised he added the link to his last post : ... ... ure=relmfu ... ure=relmfu

When you look at any of these on youtube ..check out CvdCs other postings there he has done a couple of interesting items which the London Tourism Board would enjoy ...nice photography ..slick editing ..and engaging music.

All good stuff

Thanks for sharing Chris !
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