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Punch evoking memories

Postby Trevek » 13 Sep 2012, 12:50

One of the things I love about Punch and Judy is its ability to take people back to happy times in the past (as well as creating new happy times in the present).

One gentleman I know, who is fearsomely very strong minded, of very strong opinion and exceedingly forthright, saw a show of mine once and came up afterwards, almost mellow, and exclaimed, "It took me back to my childhood!" I lent him a copy of de Hempsey, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Last weekend I was in the Polish city of Wroclaw (formerly Breslau) to perform at a teachers' conference (I'd written an article about using P&J in English teaching). During the conference I met one aged teacher trainer and EFL guru of sorts. I chanced asking him if he was coming to my presentation. "What are you doing it on?" he asked. "I'm doing a Punch and Judy show," I replied. His eyes lit up... "Oooooh, I haven't seen one of those since Weymouth beach in 1956... it was a good one!"

Sadly he wasn't able to attend my show because he had another appointment, but I'd have loved to know what he thought.
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