For those in need of another laugh??? ..or a cry?

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For those in need of another laugh??? ..or a cry?

Postby lesclarke » 21 May 2013, 21:04

Just got an email, others may also receive one, from an event organiser,(sounds a nice Vintage event, but can't see it being that big) inviting me to take P&J to a big event - and they are not going to charge me to go! They will of course charge people to attend.

I politely replied that I was having a rest day on that date, due to a busy schedule, and quoted them for future
events, also explaining that P&J performers require a fee, so I hope they are now a little better informed.

I'm in the middle of decorating, first time for about 15 years, and only because a ceiling fell down, and I was tempted to invite the guy to travel over and paint the walls, and of course I wouldn't charge him at all!

And BTW watching paint dry is better than what's on telly, all for thousand channels of it.
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Re: For those in need of another laugh??? ..or a cry?

Postby James » 22 May 2013, 09:05

These inquiries are becoming more and more common, but remember, they will let you hand your cards out. And then you can have even more phone calls asking you to work for nothing.

It's not just the little events, or charities asking for freebies either. Had a huge event organised by Mary Portas (who's supposed to be saving our high streets) on the phone the other day, again with no budget to spare. Joy!
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Re: For those in need of another laugh??? ..or a cry?

Postby Chris » 22 May 2013, 13:18

I know some of these are just enquiries from people ignorant of the facts of life. But to be fair, some of the enquiries of this nature are not so much someone trying to book you for nothing but someone trying to sell you trading space at a big event, and just as someone selling wiggly worms etc might take a stand and make a tidy profit, or similarly a magician might sell svengali decks and make a bomb, they might imagine that a Punch & Judy show might do very well by charging admission (to a tent) or on the bottle. This isn't such a ridiculous notion, I know someone locally who does "Circus Skills" and has a roped off enclosure and charges for entry for an half hour. Bouncy Castles and Face painters also sometimes rent a stand and charge per child.
Of course the Circus Skills, bouncy castles and face painters, like us, probably prefer to work for a fee paid by the organisers.
The point I am making is that the approach by the event organisers is understandable even if not acceptable to us. But quite often if you reply by pointing out that it is not practical for you to work that way, and that you always work for a fee, perhaps mentioning that in your experience a local business might well be happy to sponser a children's entertainment, you get the job anyway.
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Re: For those in need of another laugh??? ..or a cry?

Postby Trevek » 22 May 2013, 22:12

I remember once being asked if I'd do a children's event. I said I'd check the dates and let them know the prices. The organiser looked amazed, "Oh, I thought as it was for kids, you might do it for free!" I asked if that argument worked in Mothercare.
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Re: For those in need of another laugh??? ..or a cry?

Postby Professor Eek » 30 May 2013, 13:38

I often say I'm happy to do the show for free but my expenses go up for free events ... normally enough to increase what I get by 110%
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