Who plays Bournemouth?

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Who plays Bournemouth?

Postby Trevek » 02 Jun 2013, 16:13

Well, yesterday I performed in the middle of the town, in Olsztyn, Northern Poland.

I'd just finished and come off stage (without bringing my Punch front of house), and I was taking my puppets back to the car (in a suitcase). Suddenly, a Polish chap from the audience stopped me and asked, "Have you done this show in Bournemouth, because I saw it there." I said I hadn't.

Later in the afternoon, I saw a busker, playing something that looked like a wok. We got talking and he told me it was a Hand-drum, and he'd started playing it in London. I mentioned that I'd just been playing a traditional English puppet show... "Panch i Judy? I saw it once on the beach in Bournemouth!" (Poles have trouble with the "Uh" sound).

Bournemouth guys, you're stars in Northern Poland. I hope I was as good.
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