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Nice Clip on YouTube

Postby Richard Coombs » 12 Jul 2013, 15:17

Came across this whilst browsing.

It is of my own show , so its a bit 'own trumpet blowing' Im afraid.

Nice segment of the end of the Plate Spinning Bit with Tony Blair.

Unfortunately I muddle the lifting the plates off the red sticks with the blue sticks ( they both fall down into the savante bag rather unceremoniously ) ...but hey its a live show ...
I dont often muck up that part , or if I do ; its only ever one plate or other that falls , at least one will go to plan ...but here ( when being filmed ) of course, both went wrong .

But its only a slight Distraction...the main thing I am pleased with ,is getting to see the moment that 3 puppets are on stage , albeit briefly .
It really works, and I am pleased with the effect.

Not had this bit filmed before ...more usual is for clips to zero in on Punch and Judy together ..or the crocodile routine.

Always nice to catch sight of a different part of the show for a change.

Clip is in the middle of the 4 minute section , sandwiched between some Morris Dancers and some other silly old 'Duffer' with Jingly Bells ...enjoy !

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