A "Genius" in my Booth.

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Re: A "Genius" in my Booth.

Postby lesclarke » 31 Jan 2015, 11:13

Nice picture, another piece of our P&J Heritage, what date would that be Richard?
I like the figures, they have a slightly naïve and bumbling look to them, and interesting detail in the costumes especially Punch.

Are there any more pictures of Peter Buchards figures available, it would be nice to see them from another angle.
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Re: A "Genius" in my Booth.

Postby Richard Coombs » 31 Jan 2015, 12:25

Hello Les

I cannot remember where I screen grabbed that black and white of Peter Buchard now .

It predates my seeing him , as he looks younger ( but then to kids everyone over 30 look old)
But I am guessing late 50s or early 60s ( using how he looked when I saw him late 60s to early 70s , and also the clothing on the people in the background)

I too was struck by how downbeat and shabby the figures are ( though not without charm )

That's not so say i do not like them ...they are just not as magnificent and glorious as the 8 year old me remembers them being...I say this because as a child I thought the show was absolutely wonderful.

It had nice movement and good 'patter' ( which never deviated section to section~) Peter had a wonderful rich resonant voice. The sections with each puppet would change around , so you never knew what bits would be in the show , or which order they would be in.

To a young audience the look of the puppets did not stand out as being 'unsatisfying; in any way .....

..... an interesting lesson ....

Is it worth striving to make the best puppets you can ? , with the nicest fabrics and trimmings etc ? ....do children even "see" the characters in that way ?

I guess some do.
The adults certainly do , and after all if they are there watching with their children then they need entertaining too.

Anyhoooo I digress ( although may start a new thread around this theme sometime )

Some other pics of Peters Punch at least have been on this very board , and I screen grabbed those too:



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