Not Punch ..but my Puppets

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Not Punch ..but my Puppets

Postby Richard Coombs » 28 Sep 2013, 17:04

Hello fellow board members.

Hope you all had good Summers.
Mine up at the The Heights of Abraham was a wonderful return to form.

The place had something of a pall over it last year , due to a huge wedding marquee the owners put over my show and the entire terrace area for fear of the rain ( which as you may remember ruined the end of May and all of June and the start of July ...but then miraculously dried up just as the Summer Holidays started ..and from then on it was like any other dull but dry Summer )

No Marquee in sight this year ...consequently all the 'sights' both scenic and puppety were visible from all directions again... All the Staff - and me - breathed easy again and had a great Summer.

But that is not why I post .
I have been somewhat quiet on here for a few months now , and that is due to building 65 or so new muppety puppets for this years Witham Festival show.

These were made mostly in between Punch performances through the Summer ( although some were started as early as February ). Then I had a fortnights intensive building at home at the end of Heights before Witham Rehearsals started .

As always we started on Monday morning , and had four days before we did our dress run to an invited audience of 300 local primary school children on Friday morning , followed by 3 performances to the general public outdoors at the festival on saturday. It is a whirlwind , where no minute can be wasted , so I have to have the show planned and choreographed in my head in order to teach it fast to a group who have never puppeteered before. It is an exhausting Mind-F@£$ to say the least.

Thanks to a very enthusiastic group of sixth form students this year ,I am very pleased to show off the results -- and I am able to do so because Andy Heath filmed the whole show with a steady hand , and has posted it on YouTube. So thank You Andy

Hope you enjoy .
It is 24 minutes long , do have a fast forward through and look at all the numbers if you have time.

Best Wishes Richard
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Richard Coombs
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Re: Not Punch ..but my Puppets

Postby Bigshot » 04 Oct 2013, 06:09

Lots of fun! Great job!
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Re: Not Punch ..but my Puppets

Postby » 30 Jan 2014, 18:45

Well done Richard. They did very well! Geoff.
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