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Postby Chris » 04 Nov 2013, 11:48

Prof John Alexander spotted this, and I couldn't resist pinching it:

It's good to squawk!
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Re: In Today's Guardian

Postby Richard Coombs » 04 Nov 2013, 18:40

Ohh Lovely stuff

Thanks Chris ( and John).

I am currently building a new Policeman puppet. I rather suspect he could be called 'PC Pleb"

The cartoon drawing is splendid : proscenium based on the Cruikshank which is a nice touch .
I am very envious of the two policeman's helmets ..the badges are so nicely proportioned and look good.

In previous policeman I sculpted a helmet badge ( and the helmet and head ) all in paper mach ...shown here on the left . The one on the right is the current one , and is all wooden:

I would like to put a more realistic looking emblem on the next one.
A real helmet badge is very big ..almost the entire size of the puppets hat - but the design of some would accommodate being cut down to size a bit.
But what the police force call a 'cap badge' might do the trick , although perhaps too small ( or could be used and augmented with some sculpting ?)

I had quite a successful trawl round ebay last night and found some nice looking police uniform buttons , and cap and helmet badges and bits'n'bobs. All from constabularies near me : East Mercia / Nottingham/ Derby

Hoping these will dress up the uniform quite well ? But I won't know until they arrive if they will work .
I know the buttons will be a bit large even on biggish puppets ( but hopefully only in a comic looking way , and not too large to use effectively .)

So I will hold off on photos until finished, although I think Harvey must have already spotted some on my flickr , coz he made mention of it.

All the Best

Keep warm one and all

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