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Postby bilbobaglin » 13 Apr 2014, 14:39

Hello there,
In light of another user here speaking about their first Punch and Judy show, I thought someone might be interested in our current project. I am part of Samhain Welsh Medievel Society and yesterday I performed our first medieval puppet show based in an adapted booth to attempt to recreate a 14th century booth. Here is the original 14th Century booth
and here is mine
The show was the story of the Carrog of Dolgarrog, Quite short but played it three times in three hours. Here we can see the carrog getting his comeuppance.
And here are some juniour members of the group modelling.
Image More details if you are interested can be found at [url]http:\\[/url].
I hope to borrow the booth at some point soon to perform some Punch and Judy too. Exciting times ahead.

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