John Morley - Weymouth - early 50s

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John Morley - Weymouth - early 50s

Postby Tony James » 20 May 2014, 08:22

Over the May Day bank holiday weekend I was in the West Country and a trader close by came over each day to see my show and talked about his childhood in Weymouth. He mentioned a John Morley (Morly? or Morely?) who worked Weymouth - near the clock tower - and who at the time was Weymouth's second P&J. Frank Edmunds of course was the main show.

He thought late 40s but certainly early 50s up to the Coronation at least after which my neighbour moved away. The striking thing was the frame. It was actually a rejected experimental/prototype AA or RAC roadside box. He can recall It was a lightweight job with a form of stable door. The top was opened for showing. Presumably the worker would have sat down.

John Morley was a schoolteacher so it may have been a weekend and holiday showing. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

I've checked the obvious: Judith Stinton's two books - Weymouth and Mr Punch and her later book on Frank Edmunds. There are no index references nor in the copy of either book which I skip read checked because she does mention names here and there which aren't included in the indexes. I've also drawn a blank with Leach.

One thing which I did find was a reference to a Weymouth ruling that they would only permit one P&J show. Maybe an exception was made or the ruling lapsed.
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