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Postby Chris » 05 Jun 2014, 23:09

Don Roberto is the Portugese Punch. He appears in various traditional sketches, the following being typical:

The Barber
On his wedding day, Don Roberto decides to go to the barber’s for a shave. In spite of slapstick difficulties, the barber carries out his task and then requests payment. Don Roberto refuses to pay, a fight ensues and Don Roberto ends up killing the barber. Death comes in search of the victim and wants to take Don Roberto along too. They fight and, of course, Don Roberto wins, killing Death himself.

The Bullfight
With no dramatic plot as such, this piece describes the different stages of a Portuguese bullfight with its typical characters: the bull herder, the bullfighter and of course, the bull.
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Re: Portugese Punch

Postby martin@no10 » 10 Jun 2014, 21:41

I recently bought a very good book on Dom Roberto - it is titled "Teatro Dom Roberto - O teatro tradicional itinerante portugues de marioneteas" ("Dom Roberto Theatre - Traditional Portuguese travelling puppet theatre". It was written by the Dom Roberto performer Jose Manuel Valbom Gil, and published by Museu da Marioneta in Lisbon. Over 100 pages of text and a great many photographs, it is in Portuguese and English. This is a superb book and I would encourage anyone with an interest in folk puppetry to acquire a copy. The ISBN is 978-989-8167-14-9

Regards, Martin
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