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"The Puppet Master"

Postby Chris » 20 Oct 2014, 22:42

Puppet Guild Members will have received their copy of this year's Puppet Master - the usual brilliant publication, astonishingly diverse and an object lesson in layout and printing, and yet another triumph for editor Brian Hibbitt. I noted particulary an illustrated article on carving hands which I thought might be of particular interest to some Punch enthusiasts who are tackling carving their own set of figures. The article is by Tom Herbert and his method produces good results and the various stages are well described. I would differ from Tom's approach in one respect: He advocates carving one hand and then carving the second, pointing out that one is a mirror image of the other. When I was carving I was taught to carve both hands together - in fact from the same piece of wood, one at each end - and whatever cuts were made on one were reproduced on the other. This helped to produce a well matched pair.
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