a funny owd world..

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a funny owd world..

Postby johnstoate » 26 Nov 2014, 12:20

It's a funny owd world...... I recently got a phone call from a chap who lives none too far away regarding some puppets he bought in a sale up in York. - Guessed it yet??? - Yes, The majority of the ones that went missing,(Together with the van) a few years back! Now it turns out that he paid a fair bit for them, with the intention of selling them on, but in the process of researching their origins, (Still in the original box with my name on it) He found out about the theft and got in touch to return them. In view of my 'retired' status, and to reward His honesty, I have simply photographed them and given him my permission to sell them on to cover his expenses. So, If you find them on Ebay pop in a bid, as there is no insurance aspect, there is no reason to worry

Being in best 'dino' mode- I shan't be postin' the pictures till a bit later on :D
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Re: a funny owd world..

Postby Trevek » 26 Nov 2014, 16:19

Nice to hear there are still some honest folk about. Hope you're well, John.
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