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Postby Harvey » 02 Jul 2015, 21:14

well for a couple of weeks I did not think about Punch and Judy (which is odd for me) because of My exams I only did one show in-between my exams to have a break form it all but that is all the shows I did but I luckily made a return recently to a show which I wish I could forget my PA system decided to go (later finding out it was the mic's fault) yes I checked it the night before and annoyingly it stopped as soon as a show was about to start so I had to tell y audience the show was cancelled so we cancelled that show to do the next one, then the organisers put the bands on which would drown out the show I explained this and they said your on when they finished.
They then finished and then the next band started and then they finished but it was too late and the event would finish 5 minutes later so we packed up and went home.
just wanted to add all my exams are now over.
(I know my grammar is awful (she smells too *sniff sniff* :lol: :lol: :lol: ))
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