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Postby Peter Stedman » 04 Feb 2016, 18:46

Hello Harry. It's Pete Stedman here. Last night you sent me a mail and for some reason it got totally deleted from my machines. If you would care to send it again to the address you used, know I can give you a favourable reply.

It has taken me a long time to trace you by name but finally managed it so hope you get this all right.

Look forward to hearing from you again. :D

Cheers. Pete.
Peter Stedman
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Re: Harry Alexander

Postby Harry Alexander » 04 Feb 2016, 19:16

Ok Pete, will do :)

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Postby Chris » 04 Feb 2016, 21:46

To Peter and others who may not already know.
If you want to contact anyone on this board just click their name alongside any posting they have made or go to the Members tab and click on their Name. This gives you the opportunity to either send a PRIVATE message via the Board which they will see when they next log on, or you can send an ordinary EMAIL via the Board even though you do not know their email address. In this way you can establish contact without having to put your message on the Public Board.
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